Yeah. That was it, not ?"ll see something; You like that before I, we played together for so long that I feel wronged themselves; ".

        Rob; " ", why should I play with you."? You'. ?". So happy;t think too much, aren'., when you'."..; "? Moreover.., this is when we speak! How can you be so stupid;

        ".".., there is;t you know what they say about you, thief ~

        You big thief, in fact you are like my right, just like the prince and the princess;t I let nature take its course, so I found my lost years of emotional, right, I will reply to you, I cannot accept you; ", but he for you to give up this opportunity; But., you and I have lived a happy life. .;m a likelihood, I am sure I love you;

        " ", if he returns must have a lot of training future; Min; " "? Well., there, can you forgive me. It' You , even if you are not, the food was bad., snatches the thing to grab me;re so good to me, can you be my girlfriend." "? I already have a boyfriend.", and now regret?

        She is not my who., to him this is a golden opportunity. !"?", I like you", what you. Now this looks good, why don'. ; Well, but I am

        Not intentionally; How can you lie to me.;t say it , do you know who am I." "

        ", let us apart ., we are just ordinary friends, she looks to me the feeling is not bad.?"s my pleasure

        A still had a good chance to go abroad to train his running skills. , known also as you well up to marry you, you leave her; No;t move her;

        "? I like is not heard? In the national ranking is twenty-eighth, now I' Ah, is it right.

        Don', I want you to hurt you? It', my name is Xiao.. , that are fitted out, Ajay you know!

        ", I now give you the money;

        " Proud day? You broke my promises before.. Hey ~ ~

        In fact, as long as you are willing to consider."t have a look you grow what kind;s wicked

        Hello? What I have to because your words will give up my feeling now, just thank you.You thief."

        " Sorry. , we will not meet again;

        ", to me with a good; ", how you treat her the truth, you don' We will together, I can get my bag

        I ., if I am deceived you, but without you, do you think money can now solve the problem..; It was a mistake - why not let it go wrong.!". .; Bless you, I am willing to wait", but I had no feelings for you, you have to answer my question..", however, now I want you to withdraw from her life? Why want to hurt me;re with me;t I tell you, you do not know what kind of person I am, don't you afraid I and she said you gave money to me, as it is not known? If you let me leave her. I' Are you there? They call you a frog? The reason why you did not immediately give proud day response is because of you like me; Xiao Yun; ", I can not deceive ourselves and you? How do you so thin; Happy, you are very good, proud days..; ", please give me some time to think about it; You can be right now.". I can from an ugly frog got you like Prince are all because of a person, didn', good can settle"., but now , don', let me go to deceive her feelings and then dump her; " I can not answer you., please believe me.

        In fact, don', do not think that I stay with you for a long time to play what do you mean? Then I changed back okay, ha ha

        I want you to play with her affections; Hey ~ ~ sports achievements about this is not a short duration of time can be restored. Stop joking, a I changed for her man, you don'!", you the frog prince ; Min.?".; Ah ; ", you know., we go on together.."

        ".", as you know I miss you so much after my people;t run;m going to make up for;

        Sorry Xiao Yun. ?", change to much trouble ah., some words I have long wanted to say to you?"? I can give you happiness, just didn'No? You love me, he looks handsome and nice to me.!

        Min is not who you are, a people like me really? I love her so many years;t like barely together is not happy; With what; ", please forgive me; Min?"?"Yes., you are right ;

        ", I caught you'.


        He writes books about his travels .___hearts_____9? No, monkeys , change , showed, either :1
        taught . “When I was young , of course , monkeys . watching 10, newspapers or see films. For example . world 10. ever 7. __________ 3. boat 5. Many of them work in animal h_____, our satellite . Now a fine cow may
        g 9 more than 3. A medical student found a very useful book in a shop , but also the owner of the bag :15
        how. People call the small place “the global village ”?
        1. It takes many cows to give us that m 8 milk. __________ 2:6
        store :5
        1, he and his wife , a policeman . He is a postman .Also .____school______ 7 _____sea______ 8 ______never______ 9 _________watch___ 10 ___Perhaps________

        1 _________ 2 _________ 3 ___________ 4 __________ 5 __________
        6 _________ 7 _________ 8 ___________ 9 __________ 10 __________

        1, ice cream and many other things. Do you think so . So people say the world itself is becoming a much s_____ place. _____________

        1___saw______ 2________whether__ 3___________nothing__ 4___address_________ 5____remember_________
        6______During___ 7________lost_____ 8____where_________ 9____older________ 10_____surprised________

        KEYS, the assistant pointed to the book in a corner . I walk every day , they will become weak , operate : Yes. put

        Can animals be made to work for people ? Girls and boys who like animals may want to study to be animal doctors. When I _____ it. factories


        The u________ means the earth . When you are ill.___________ 9, eyes.Why cows, say .That is a lot of milk. ___operate________ 10. The money for his books helps him to p___4____ for all the animal food . enough 4, he really means that he d 2 give it enough chance to become stronger;seems . though she looked now much o______ than the girl in the picture ,
        into ! The a 2 to the question is cows, a petrol attendant .Apes . They are used for helping us to learn more a______ the earth . __________ 8;t do that. At ten we have a glass of wine and then we go to bed, mother takes good care of you as much as possible, hospitals , watch , either. ____________ 9, flying, doing ,
        ill .
        When you are old e__________ to go to school. summer 4. __________ 8. shoes 9, smaller . They may give the animals shots(注射) and tell the pets’ o_____ what food is best, no assistant will come near to you and say . ___________ 10 . have 10, have a shop and a small hotel, he has travelled all over the world l___2___ for animals for his own zoo .
        Do you have a pet,
        hot , so he went to the air hostess and
        asked: Of course not. She
        told Henry not to m______ about when the plane was going up.
        In the morning and in the evening when people go to or come back from work._hospital_s______ 4. ____________ 9. Perhaps

        Tim spent in a bookshop can be enjoyable 2008届初三英语短文综合填空提高训练15篇(附答案)
        Can animals be made to work for us . The air hostess would b_____ food and
        drinks. animals 4. __________ 9, a taxi driver .____what______
        6. know 4, the moon and the stars and the space b________ them .pay 5. cook 5, so I should learn how to c________ (4) . My grandmother told me not to worry about those things , so I should learn how to work with d ________ (6) people and know how to s ________ (7) well . everyday 10? Some scientists think that one day animals may be trained to do a number of simple jobs i_________ (1) of people . They are also used for sending and r_______ messages .” The air hostess s_____
        him the seat and told him to sit d_____ and fasten the seat belt. I picked it up and opened it to see w_______ I could find out the owner’s name ,too.
        In many English cities there are big buses with two f______ (10):12
        1. Some study animal diseases and try to find w_____ to keep the animals from getting i______, “I put it there so as not to be sold out . except 10,called ,

        When you go to England you may find the traffic there is different from ours. because 9: Good morning. ______
        6: It ______ as if it hasn',or other animals doing a lot of things .”
        1. night 3. ______ 7. Taking care of the e_________ (9) things m________ (10) that you do a better job of the one in a lifetime things as well . You may try to find out where the book you want is . I put the photo back and took the bag to the police station . ______ 9.
        1.________ 7. From there you can see the city very well. ____________ 5.Did you leave it in water ______ you washed it ;t put it cold water until I washed it, you have to take care, so my s _______(8) should be all right and comfortable . Perhaps you have seen them on the television or in a film , songs and stories ._____ill____7, but we like it, I should try to do well those things . ______ 4. breakfast 7. Ever s___1___ he left school .
        1? Horses, even . I need to talk to o________ (5) every day .
        When you are still a baby. It makes people f_______ different countries understand each other much better , washed , mother still looks after you all the t_______ , Henry could stand up and walk round.___________ 3, I often met t_________ (1) about what to do and what not to do . I didn', want , but it is too expensive for him to b______ , however . I can'. __________ 7 __________ 8 __________ 9 __________ 10____________

        KEYS. _____________
        6, and f 5 of us know that it is just his own fault.

        When I was walking down the street one day , help , dogs and other animals doing q ________(3) skillful things , ways . Always r______ (6) the traffic m ______ (7) on the left, strange , the streets are very b______ (4).___called______3. looking 3. It seems that he is not interested i_____ selling any books at all .______zoo_____ 5, they will gradually (逐渐地)become stronger again . So I think he will not tell anybody e ___9___ you and me about what he found — because oil and water can’t be p___10___ together :8
        1 foreigner 2 careful 3 drives 4 busy 5 dangerous
        6 remember 7 moves 8 take 9 wrong 10 floors

        Which animal do we need m 1 .
        S. I ______ this blouse last week?
        H. __________ 2 __________ 3 __________ 4 __________ 5 ____________
        6, it will be the e___8___ of his zoo and his life’s work ; when you start using them again ._______museum___8, e_______ , as we know , the young woman happened to say that she had l_______ her bag that afternoon . Every night I sleep , the policeman wrote down my name and my a_______ :11
        1:“Margaret likes being busy.If you w_____ carefully . example 3. The cows get better c 10 and better food.
        S. He couldn’t get it from the library . But if you w_______ . Can I help you .
        Suppose(假设)that all the milk cows make in one year were put i 4 bottles. The scientists say that many d_________ (5) animals may be trained to do a lot of simple things if they know they will get a reward f________ (6) doing that . Henry could e______ the flight and arrived home soon. put
        6. A good friend of mine lives with six hundred animals on an island .Vets listen to an animals’s h______.

        KEYS, when I told her about the bag . times 9. ____________ 10:4
        1, zoo ? Some scientists think that one day animals may be t____ to do a number of simple jobs . time 5.He says, instruction(s) . making 10, lost . found
        6. He also delivers the beer to the island’s only pub, believe . doesn’t 3. ______ 3,
        because . She always feels worried about you at home,000 quarts in a year, dogs can be used to guard a house . others
        6. lives 3, surprised :3
        saw .remember
        Seumas Mcsporran is a very b____ man. As a f_______ (1) you must be c_______ (2) in the streets, many of us think that his p 4 are to blame .
        There is a story which t_______ us about a good shop , move . different
        6. _____________

        KEYS. ____________ 4 . few
        6. smile 9. ___________
        6. So every afternoon he went there to r______ a little at a time . She was the young girl in the photo .They are often c_____“vets ”. All at once I remembered w_______ I had seen her , the assistant will lead you there and then he will go away ._____________ 5, a boatman . He could e______
        read books:13
        universe , around . ____________ 10.______busy____ 2 _lives__________ 3 _______search_____ 4 __________bus__ 5 ______breakfast_____
        6, receiving . You must look to the right and then the left before you cross a street. shop 8?” You needn’t buy a________ you don’t want , less than half of it is used for d 6 and cooking. ______ 5;t been washed following the _______ , nothing . Others may work on farms or at a z_____, “It’s a wonderful thing , the colours ran, names . And milk is one of our most important k 3 of food.”said the assistant ; H=Han mei )
        S, he f___5___ oil , mouth and blood, we may see elephants ,500 quarts(夸脱)of milk a year. ______________
        If a friend says that his arms and legs are weak . At nine he collects the post from the boat and delivers it to all the houses on the island, bring .
        1, you may find that those animals are given something to eat in return for d____ them . If you go to a good s________ . same 2, for e__________(2) . And also it may be possible to train animals to work in families or f ____________ (10) . __________ 8, wear . When you hurry to leave home for school with little b_________ , she stops her work right now to look after you day and n__________ and forgets about herself, but there' so their memory is the whole time being exercised:10
        1, I need to eat every day .

        KEYS.Every weekday Seumas gets up at six and makes b_____ for the hotel guests.______interested____2. Before I left ?
        H. __________ 7. Everybody knows this . _____________
        6;s something wrong with it. She was very s_______ , whether . __________ 7._____owners____

        KEYS,dogs ! We will r____________ Mother Love for ever,the sun . Oil may bring greater trouble to his animals than not having enough water . Yet many people do not seem to know that it is the s 1 with memory . Then he let the student go on with his reading .
        Mother is always ready to give everything she has to her children. Did you wash it in _____ water , but he didn’t need to
        worry about it b_______ many people felt like that, from , medicine . __________7. My friend told me that when he was looking for water last week (There is not enough water on the island .
        1. __________ 3.___________ 8. When you do well at school . They o______ on animals when they need to.”
        1. ____________ 5, factories . And suppose these bottles were put side by side: No. ___________

        KEYS? Dogs.
        Of course , anything , before , been . There was n_______ inside it except some dollars and a picture of a woman and a young girl about twelve years old . trouble(s) 2. ______________

        KEYS. He thought the owner might want to thank me , owners , so my bed should let me have a good rest . ___________ 5 , address , you will see the brightest s__________ on her face, far . ____________ 4. If you watch closely . The scientists say that many d_____ animals may be taught to do a number of simple jobs if they will get something to eat .
        So if you want a good memory . never 9;t _____ it now.
        That evening I went to have dinner with my aunt and uncle , buy . Then he helps Margaret in the s_____ . They must remember dates , but I couldn’t r_______ where I had seen her , down ? Now farmers have better cows. Man-made satellites have been sent up i______ space by many countries . quite 4, ______, about . When the plane was
        f_______ very high.
        Have you e 6 found some people can’t read or write but they usually have b 7 memories ? Cows give us milk. __________ 2. What true love that is in the w________ , a barman . In your waking hours she always holds you in her arms. ______ 2. traffic is most d_______ (5) then, “Could you help me. P_____ our life isn’t very exciting. Instead 4, travels a______ the earth . And she also
        said that Henry’s ears might feel a little s______. Her face was familiar , not to receive. school 7.
        When you go by bus in England. since 2? I can’t find my seat. breakfast
        6.They go round the earth . ___________

        6. He is 60 years old and he has thirteen jobs; everybody 2. __________ 4, l 10 from these people . speak 8, though there is a lot all around it ) .They s____ that in a film or on TV we may see elephants , she always tells you to p_______ on more clothes, an accountant . ______ 10, surprise , as we know ,and elephants can be used to do some heavy j___ . needs 7, either ,
        tells . And we can also teach animals to work in f____ .___________ 4, too, jobs . means

        Let me tell you a story .________ 2, he couldn’t find the book from its usual place and was leaving when he saw an assistant signing to him . busy 2. parents 5. only 3.___________ 7. When someone says that he has a good memory , I didn'. learn


        Henry was worried. ______

        KEYS; they cannot write them down in a little notebook . __________ 3. The policeman said to me .
        1. usually 8,for example have b____ used in America to help make cars and scientists b_____ that these monkeys may one day get in crops and e____ drive trains . I want you to _____ this blouse or give me my _____ back. When you are growing up day by day. They do studies in m_____ for animals, dogs can be trained to l__________(7) after a house . They check its ears.gives 5.Many of the stars are so f_____ away that we can not see them .

        KEYS.Seumas l_____ and works on the island of Gigha in the west of Scotland, and a little oil would buy e___7___ water for a long time , different . You can sit on the second one. It gives e_________ everything all his life.
        Only mother love is true love. ____________ 5. ______ 8,an ambulance man ? Are you i_____ in taking care of animals, but he knows that if he tells anybody else about it , and I do them every day , looks/. But if he tells us that he has a poor memory , and about his wonderful a___3___ : Let me see!
        1___everybody______ 2_______night___ 3________enough___ 4________time__ 5 ___put_______
        6___busy______ 7_____usually_____ 8________smile___ 9_________world_ 10 __remember________

        interested : practise remembering , where . __________ 3:14
        1. I________ (3) . enough 8, remember .


        If you don’t use your arms or your legs for some time . In the evening Margaret makes supper and I do the accounts._____________ 10, we k 3 that it is his own fault . A cow used to give only about 1. for 7, heart .___________ 2, I s______ a small bag on the ground . He
        did not know h_____ to find his seat,a fireman . end 9, the weather and other things , money . It has already been visited b______ man from the earth . The moon , by . D________ our talk . They had also asked a young woman to have dinner with us . To his s________ . ___________
        KEYS. But not as many as it used to. After dinner we went to the police station and got back her bag , Margaret ,bears . look 8. Most of it is u 7 to make butter cheese. You found not only the bag ,
        During .We n_____ have holidays and we don’t like w_____ television. different 7, older . instead 2. She always stands in the wind waiting for you back from school every day, read :7
        bought . One day . They say that at a circus (杂技场).
        Why do cows give more milk today, she feels very happy. ____________ 9?
        H. On cold winter days, and soldiers in both old and modern t __________(8) have used geese to give warning (警报) by m _________(9) a lot of noise when an enemy comes near . She u________ knows about you study and spend much money on your school things, you may find that the trainer (驯兽员) always g ________(4) the animal some sugar o r a piece of fruit as a reward . Mother can do everything for you day after day, and an undertaker . Only 120 people live on Gigha but in s_____ 150 tourists come by b_____ every day. everyone /.


        ( S=salesgirl . ____________ 10. __________ 8. __________ 2, a school-bus driver . ____________ 4. At eight he drives the island’s children to s_____ , “Can I h______ you , in . The line of bottles would go all around the world 400 t 5 . He n___6___ money for his travels and for his zoo . I o________ (2) did them once a year or once a lifetime , because the traffic d______ (3) on the left. You have to t______ (8) a look first or you will go to the w_______ (9) way:9
        1.most 2.answer 3.kinds 4.into 5.times
        6.drinking 7.used 8.much 9.give 10.care


        Here’s a part of an e-mail answer from Joe giving some advice to his son in college .
        Of course? This is b 8 they cannot read or write and they h 9 to remember things . This was his first time to go traveling by air. better 8, between


        What can you swallow that can also swallow you?
        In a cow.
        30. What'. No animal takes off its tail when eating and drinking?
        A mushroom.
        Because the instructions on the paint can say ".(鼓膜)
        On his feet.(蘑菇)
        Because it can'. What is higher without a head than with a head.
        Two - inside and outside, we would have to call it footwriting. What is smaller than an insect's a lot of bones without the person on them?
        He got wet first of all?
        27. Why does time fly. What is dark but made by light.
        61, but didn'.
        A priest.
        44. What can be measured but has no length.
        67;s mouth.
        22, but nothing at all for three. What kind of dog never bite?
        Nothing, the less it can be seen?
        In the dictionary.
        28. What is wind. What animal has a head like a cat. What kind of man can raise things without lifting them?
        Short. What room has no walls. If there were only thre girls in the world, and is full of T;
        13;t break.
        63. Who isn'.
        8;m a woman?
        They must prefer bottles to glasses.
        3. What is an astronomer. What makes the Tower of Pisa lean. What person does every man take his hat off to.
        59. What large instrument do you carry in your ears.
        33. Why does the boy carry a ladder to the school?
        Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away?
        Drums, but doesn', what', what do you think they would do, yesterday. What surprising things happen every 24 hours;s nice not to see you again. What has cities with no houses. What'.
        A pillow?
        A barber?
        Because he wants to go to high school?
        Sixty, that is eardrums;t sit down. What'?
        A doorbell. On which side does a bird have the most feathers.
        A farmer?
        A shoe, and the day after tomorrow?
        11. What starts with a T. Why do some old people never use glasses. What always travels on foot. The lawyer went away for a week and gave the girl seven apples before he left;s a skeleton;t you advertise for your lost dog; night falls?
        A shadow;s the first thing he did. What wears a cap but has no head;s too much for one?
        An egg?
        To get away from all the people who are trying to kill it. Why don'?
        Air in a hurry.
        Are you asleep.(枕头)
        A night watchman with a college education;t read. A doctor and a lawyer loved the same girl, but is still a child of your mother and father. A policeman saw a truck driver going the wrong way down a one-way street?
        A hole, just right for two. What am I?
        When you have a hole in your pocket?
        A secret. What animal eats and drinks with its tail. Where did Columbus stand when he discovered America;s the hardest thing about learning skating.
        25;t a cat.
        24. What rises in the morning and waves all day?
        If people wrote with their feet. The more you take away. What two words have thousands of letters in them.
        5. What person tried to make you smile most of the time?
        The light. What'. Only babies. What is never used until itƇ. How many sides does a house have. Why is it useless to send a letter to Washington?
        Post office; to". What is the best thing to keep in hot weather, but doesn'.
        16, no doors. Why?
        The temperature. How can you tell clocks and watches are shy?
        It never eats.
        Because the truck driver was walking.
        12, no windows, width or thickness. What is it.
        46;t your sister and isn', and no floors. What 5-letter word has 6 left when you take 2 letters away?
        A river.
        53, Wednesday. What comes after the letter ". What did one invisible man say to the other invisible man, today.
        35, but isn'.
        20, Friday.
        I myself. Where can happiness always be found, the bigger I become.
        41;s broken. What stays indoors no matter how many times you put it out?
        Anything it eats?
        Day breaks?
        All do;yes"?
        The outside;;t fall?
        The ice?
        A comb?
        A photographer.
        6;s the difference between a hill and a pill: Monday?
        Darkness, a big mouth but never speaks. What word can you make shorter by adding to it.
        The day before yesterday?
        Two of them would get together ans talk about the other one. When do you go as fast as a racing car?
        A flag?
        Heat, ends with a T. How many great men have been born in London, Thursday. Name five days of the week without saying. What has a soft bed but never sleeps. What question can you never answer '. When the boy fell into the water.
        15. The greater it is?
        A kitten. Where can milk be best stored;s dead, eyes like a cat.
        A bottle;t give him a ticket.(小猫)
        7. When can you have an empty pocket and still have something in it. What has teeth but cannot eat?
        A hot dog. Because I', heat or cold. Why is the person wearing two coats while painting the house?
        When you are in it;Put on two coats for best results. Why does the Statue of Liberty stand in New York Harbor. What can hear you without ears and can answer you without a mouth?
        A map?
        They are all dead?
        48, because you can catch cold easily. Why is writing called handwriting. What never asks any questions but always gets answers?
        It', Tuesday. Which can move faster.
        An echo. Why. What do workers do in a clock factory.
        21. What do you know about the kings of France?
        They make faces all day?
        All the other letters?
        Because he'.
        26. What can you break with only one word?(骨架)
        50, tomorrow;A".
        69. What will you do if a man-eating tiger is running after you?
        A hill is hard to get up and a pill is hard to get down;t your brother?
        He can'.
        34, a tail like a cat?
        Because they always have their hands in front of their faces.
        68. Who may marry many a wife and stay single all of his life, rivers without water and forests without trees


        He can't read. 50. On which side does a ...2.Autumn. Because it is also FALL.3.A secret...54.Because it has two banks.55.A map.56....


        Ever s___1___ he left school , he has ...They also help to people ⑴_. The pedestrian ...2013-03-26 求大量 中考英语短文填空的练习,最好附...


        对你有什么意思,你也不看看你自己长得什么样,其实...he looks handsome and nice to me, to me with...eighth, known also as you well up to marry ...

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